Medical Records

My Health Record

My Health Record is your online portal to your FHC medical records. You can see your records and tests results.  You can also send private messages to your Provider through My Health Record. All you need is an email to create a My Health Record account.

My Health Record

Request My Medical Records

In addition to getting your records from the My Health Record, patients can request their medical records by contacting our Health Information Management department at (502) 772-8311. You will be asked to complete a “Request for Records” form. You will be asked to present your photo ID when requesting and picking up your record. FHC will contact you once your records are ready to be picked up. Only the patient or legal representative (parent, legal guardian) can pick up the records.

Hospitals and Specialists

Hospitals and outside providers can request patients medical records through a written request FAXED to Medical Records (502) 434-5903. Requests for radiology film requests, please call the FHC Radiology office at (502) 772-8145