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HI group FEB 2014 020

Members of the Hi Group and FHC Staff, from left to right: Gene Bolin, Kristin Munro-Leighton, Mike Cooper, Bart Irwin, Liz Edghill, Bill Wager, Richard Lannan, Anita Estes, Brenda Abdin-Eds, and Mike Eds.

Since 2009, the Healthy Ideas (HI!) patient advisory group meets regularly to address health literacy issues and provide valuable patient feedback.

When patients come to Family Health Centers, we often give them written forms, questionnaires, medication instructions, and educational materials.  We want these materials to be easy to understand and useful for all our patients.  The HI! Group provides a patient perspective and important insights for changes to improve our materials.  The logo above is included on all handouts that are approved by the HI! Group.

If you are interested in participating with the HI! Group, please call the Family Health Centers Health Educator at 502-772-8588.

Board of Governors

Family Health Centers is governed by a volunteer Board of Governors.  Please visit the Board of Governors page if you are interested in learning about becoming a member of the Family Health Centers Board of Governors.