Why Family Health Centers

Why Family Health Centers

Since 1976, Family Health Centers has provided health care to Louisvillians who have struggled to get the health care they need and deserve. For a long time, if you did not have health insurance, seeing a doctor, a dentist or paying for medicines was a luxury and not always an option.  At Family Health Centers we believe that everyone deserves quality health care, when they need it, not just when they can afford it.

We are a mission driven, non-profit organization that provides high quality health care to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We care for our patients in the same way that we would like to be treated. We welcome everyone.

As an organization with more than 400 staff members, our goal is to be an employer of choice. Family Health Centers provides rich benefits to our employees; the employee benefit package at FHC is valued at approximately 45% of an employee’s annual salary, including up to 10 paid sick leave days, 12 days of vacation in their first year and up to 22 days, ten paid holidays and a bonus floating holiday to be used anytime in the year. At Family Health Centers, we work hard because that’s what our patients deserve, but we also make time for the other things in life that are important too.

What Our Staff Say About Working At the Family Health Centers

 “There was a time in my life where I needed help with my health and other areas of my life, and its places like Family Health Centers that helped me.  Now it’s my turn to help others.”

“I can have my career and time for myself and my family. Family Health Centers provides me a work-life  balance with 37.5 hour work weeks, plenty of paid vacation, holiday and sick time. I want a job that is meaningful, but I also want to have meaningful life outside of work, and FHC gives me that. ”  

“I’ve gotten to know our patients well over the years. Many of them struggle a lot in their lives, financially to make ends meet each month, some with pretty serious health issues. Sometimes they had to pay other bills, rather than pay for their medicines. It feels really good to be in a job where I’m able to help patients get the medicines and care they need, where they don’t have to make those hard choices of getting only what they can afford anymore”.  

“I’ve been with Family Health Centers for nearly 10 years. I know that my work helps my neighbors and helps make Louisville the kind of place I want to live and raise my family.”

“My job is working with the homeless here in Louisville. It’s a hard job, its hard to see people really struggle they way our patients do. But I also love it. I know what I do is meaningful.  I get to help people get off the streets and into homes. That’s a job worth doing.”  

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