Social Worker

At Family Health Centers, we work hard because our patients deserve the best.   The Family Health Center is a gateway for many medically underserved individuals who have both behavioral health and medical care needs. The Behavioral Health (BH) Services Department works to address these needs by providing clinical and social support services. As clinical members of the BH Services Department, our Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s) function as a BH consultant, working collaboratively with the medical team and patient. Integration of BH specialists into the medical environment is a proven model to improve patient wellness and satisfaction with their medical care. LCSW’s at the Family Health Center are valuable and respected members of the treatment team.

Job Overview

Family Health Centers is hiring for Social Worker II positions. This role supports our primary medical and behavioral health teams by working with medical and behavioral health staff to help patients access services and resources beneficial to their health an wellness. enhance.  This role supports behavioral health integration into health services by providing brief psychosocial assessments and follow-up counseling and/or health behavior coaching to adults, children and families. Examples of work responsibilities in this position include:

  • Provides access and removes barriers to social service resources, such as medicine assistance, housing programs, financial assistance, and food banks.
  • Conducts psychosocial assessments, counseling, and crisis intervention as a member of the patient’s care team.
  • Coaches patients in setting, monitoring, and documenting self-care goals.
  • Participates in quality improvement activities.
  • Provides patient and family education on behavioral health and social services topics.
  • Identifies patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and/or other communication barriers and uses appropriate interpretive service; documents use of interpretive services.
  • Documents on the medical record, forms, and/or computer the required information related to language services.
  • Adheres to standard precautions.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a related field.

One year of experience as a case manager or social worker in a healthcare or mental healthcare setting.


Family Health Centers is a family friendly work environment. Unlike other health care systems, there are no 3rd shifts, Sunday or holiday hours you must work.  FHC also provides rich benefits to our employees; the employee benefit package at FHC is valued at approximately 45% of an employee’s annual salary.  In addition to health insurance, Kentucky State Retirement System, staff receive up to 10 paid sick leave days, 12 days of vacation in their first year and up to 22 days, ten paid holidays and a bonus floating holiday to be used anytime in the year.

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