Family Health Centers has four Pharmacies that provide prescriptions for our patients. Our sliding-fee discounts and other programs help make your medicines affordable when you fill your prescriptions at one of our pharmacy locations.


For refills or questions, call your pharmacy location. If you are out of refills, contact our pharmacy and we will send a refill request to the provider. You many need have an appointment with the provider in order to get a refill. A refill request takes between 3 – 5 days to process.

Payer vos médicaments

Don’t let the cost of your prescriptions prevent you from getting the medicines you need to be healthy. Talk to the pharmacy staff if you have questions about the sliding-fee discount or if you need help paying for your prescriptions. FHC Pharmacy accepts all Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care plans, most commercial and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.

Services de livraison

Les centres de santé familiale offrent des services de livraison gratuits en pharmacie. Parlez à notre personnel de la pharmacie pour vous inscrire à ce service lorsque vous remplissez vos ordonnances dans l'une de nos pharmacies.

Appelez le (502) 772-8625 pour vous inscrire au service de livraison gratuit de vos médicaments dans les centres de santé familiale.

une personne qui retire des médicaments d'une étagère


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