Social distancing is making it very difficult for many people to make it to their doctors.  Family Health Centers has two new ways for you  to connect with your providers, Video Visit and Telephone Visits.


Both video and telephone visits can be done from your home, and there is no need to come to Family Health Centers.  Video and telephone visits do not work for everything because your provider cannot examine you or get lab tests, but it can work in place of an in-person visit in many cases.

Video and telephone visits are helpful new way to connect you to your provider.  You can still see your health provider even if:

  • You have a fever or cough and need to stay home protect others from your germs
  • You are staying in your home to avoid getting exposed to COVID19
  • It is difficult to get to FHC because of reduced bus service or because your kids are home


Video Visit is seeing your healthcare provider on your phone, tablet, or computer screen from your home.

You will be able to see and talk with your provider about your health and concerns, come up with a care plan, and get prescriptions refilled.

You need an email address and a computer, tablet or smart phone to do a Video Visit.

Call 774-8631 to make a Video Visit appointment.  Click on the instructions below to get started. 


A Telephone Visit is where you can discuss your health questions with your provider over the phone.

This can be helpful if you are sick and need advice, if you have a prescription you need refilled, or have other health questions but cannot come into a FHC site to see your provider in-person.

Call 774-8631 to schedule an appointment and let us know you want a telephone visit.  


Need help getting set-up on Video Visit?

Complete the form below if you would like someone from the Family Health Centers Video Visit Help Desk to contact you and help with connecting to Video Visit.

Do not include personal health information.  This form is for assistance with FHC’s Video Visit and should not be used to request appointments or share personal health information. 

Need assistance getting connected to Video Visit?

  • Download a guide above; or
  • Complete the online form to the right and someone will call you; or
  • Click on the pink chat box in the right hand corner and someone will assist you; or
  • Call 502-630-3526 to get connected to our patient Video Visit Help Desk


Call 774-8631 to Schedule a
Video Visit or Telephone Visit Appointment