Помощь по медицинскому страхованию


Family Health Centers has staff to help you apply for free or low cost health insurance through kynect, Kentucky’s Benefits System, or to answer your questions about getting or keeping your health insurance. This is a free service, available to anyone in the community.

Beginning in March of 2023, most people with Medicaid health insurance must renew and prove they still qualify. This means providing information on your income, household size, and residency in Kentucky.

Take these three steps to keep your health insurance. 

Call (502) 772-8182 for an appointment with a Kynector or complete the online appointment request below.

Bring to Your Appointment

In order to complete your health insurance applications at your appointment, please bring the following:

  • Picture ID
  • Proof of income for all household members (ex. Last 2 months of pay stubs, most recent tax return, Social Security award letter, etc.)
  • Social Security cards for any household members who need coverage*
  • Immigration documents for any household members who need coverage*

*Household members who do not want coverage do not have to provide their Social Security card or immigration documents