Beginning March 1, 2024 the minimum fee will increase for the first time in 11 years. The new minimum fees are:

Medical $25.00 a visit
Behavioral Health Services $25.00 a visit
Dental Services $40.00 a visit

You will never be turned away for not being able to pay.  Learn more about these changes.



زموږ کارمندان یو ګډ هدف ته وقف شوي - زموږ ناروغانو ته د لوړ کیفیت پاملرنې چمتو کول. د کورنۍ روغتیایی مرکزونو خپلې دروازې په 1976 کې د ملي ټولنیز روغتیا مرکز حرکت د یوې برخې په توګه پرانستلې چې ټولو ته د غوره لومړني او مخنیوي روغتیا پاملرنې چمتو کولو لپاره وقف شوي، پرته له دې چې د تادیې وړتیا ولري. موږ د بې وزلو کارګرانو، بې بیمې خلکو، هغه کسان چې د بې کوره کیدو تجربه کوي، کډوال او مهاجرین، او هر هغه څوک چې د ارزانه، لوړ کیفیت روغتیا پاملرنې په لټه کې دي خدمت کوو.

د دندې کتنه

Family Health Centers is seeking physicians to provide high quality health care to Louisville’s underserved.  Family Health Centers works with Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatricians, and OB/GYNs. Physicians at Family Health Center provide high quality primary medical care, including physicals, sick visits, chronic disease management, and preventative screenings.

د کار اړتیاوې

MD degree

Must have or be able to obtain Kentucky Medical License.

Must obtain a Kentucky Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license within 60 days of hire date and maintain license throughout employment with FHC.

Must obtain CPR certification by the end of the probationary period and maintain certification throughout employment with FHC.


Family Health Centers is a family friendly work environment. Unlike other health care systems, there are no night shifts, Sunday or holiday hours you must work.  FHC also provides rich benefits to our employees; the employee benefit package at FHC is valued at approximately 45% of an employee’s annual salary.  In addition to health insurance, Kentucky State Retirement System, and other benefits to staff, providers receive up to 17 days of vacation in their first year of service,10 paid sick days, 11 paid holidays, professional liability insurance under FTCA, and up to five days of paid leave for Continue Medical Education and support for professional expenses.

ولې په FHC کې کار کوئ؟

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