All patients have rights and responsibilities that ensure that you receive the best health care. The following provides more information about your rights and responsibilities.

All patients have the right …

  • To considerate and respectful care.Broadway_13
  • To be involved in your care.
  • To protection of your privacy.
  • To get help with your billing claims.
  • To share a complaint.
    • Speak to a front office manager or nursing supervisor. For difficult problems, call the Patient Ombudsman at (502) 772-8589.
      We will respond to your complaint as promptly as we can.
    • If you have a concern about patient safety, you may contact the Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610 or by email at

All patients have the responsibility …

  • To be considerate and cooperative with Family Health Centers staff and fellow patients.
  • To be involved in your care.
  • To schedule and keep appointments.
  • To share honest and up-to-date information with us.

Notice of Privacy Practices

We create a record of the care and services you receive at Family Health Centers. We need this record to provide you with quality care and to comply with certain legal requirements. We are committed to protecting your medical and personal information.  Click here to download a copy of Family Health Centers’ Privacy Practices.