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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Do we take walk-ins?

Immediate Care accepts walk-ins for urgent and sick needs for adults. Review the Immediate Care schedule here. For other health care needs, we recommend calling ahead and asking for a same day appointment.

Are we accepting new patients?

Yes, Family Health Centers is accepting new patients. Some providers may be limited in the number of new patients they take on at this time. Our schedulers will help you find a provider at the location convenient to you.

Are we seeing patients in-person or telehealth?

FHC is seeing patents in-person, through telehealth and video visits. A telehealth or video visit is helpful if you have transportation or childcare issues. Some medical needs are better served at an in-person visit.

What do I do if I am sick when Family Health Centers is closed?

If you need to contact a FHC provider when we are closed, call (502) 774-8631. An answering service will help connect you to a provider on-call. The provider on-call will return your call usually within 30 minutes or less. Your health insurance card may also include an after-hours nurse line for your questions.

Can another family member or person bring my child to an appointment if I can’t go?

We prefer for a parent or guardian to be at the appointment so that important questions about the child’s health and any illness and treatment options can be answered at the time of the visit. However, if the parent cannot make it, an adult listed on the Proxy Form can bring the child.  Proxy Forms can be filled out at the Front Desk and must be completed by the parent or guardian of the child.

Test Results & Labs

How will I receive my lab test results?

There are several ways to get your lab test results. First, FHC will notify you of any abnormal or concerning results. Please make sure FHC has a good telephone number for you so we can reach you with these results. Patients can also view tests results online, on the Patient Portal, FHC’s online patient medical record. Patients may also call and ask to speak to a nurse to obtain lab results. Results are typically available within one week of the procedure.

How do I get a referral to a specialist?

You must first see your Family Health Center provider about the health problem. Then, they can refer you to a specialist or recommend one for you.

I haven’t received an appointment yet for my specialist, what do I do?

If you have questions about the status of a referral or need it to be renewed, call your FHC site and select the “Request a Referral” option on the phone menu.

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How can I get a copy of my medical record, including immunization record?

If you need a copy of your medical records, you can contact our Health Information Management department at (502) 772-8311. You will be asked to complete a “Request for Records” form. You will be asked to present your photo ID when requesting and picking up your record. FHC will contact you once your records are ready to be picked up. Only the patient or legal representative (parent, legal guardian, etc) can pick up the records. Your records cannot be mailed.

What forms of identification can I use to get my records?

FHC accepts any official ID with your name and photo, including Kentucky state ID, Driver’s license from any state, student ID, work ID with photo and name, and passports.

How can I get my FHC medical records to my new doctor or my attorney?

Come to a Family Health Center location to sign an Authorization to Release your medical records. You can also sign up for My Health Record, and request records to be sent to your new provider or other person you authorize to release records to. You will need to provide FHC the name, address, phone and fax number where records can be sent.

Can I see my medical records online?

Yes, sign up for Portal Pesakit. You can view and download your medical records, lab results, and your children’s medical records.

My relative has verbal access to my Protect Health Information (PHI), can they sign for my records?

FHC can only release records if you have completed an Authorization to Release medical records to that person. You can ask to complete an authorization at any FHC location.

Where can I go to pick up my medical records or sign an authorization?

You can go to the nearest location to pick up your medical records or sign an authorization.  When making your medical records request, let FHC know which site to send your records for pickup.

Can I send authorization or receive my medical records via email?

No, FHC cannot use email for sending or receiving medical records, release or other protected information.  However, you can use the Portal Pesakit to send an authorization or retrieve records online.


Are there at-home COVID-19 tests available at FHC?

Usually. FHC has received free at-home tests for the community in the past. When available, FHC will offer free test-kits to our patients and the community for free. Just ask a Patient Access or other receptionist at a FHC location.

Can I get a COVID-19 test?

Yes, FHC offers COVID-19 testing during a medical appointment.  If you think you need a COVID-19 test, visit the FHC COVID-19 test page.

How much does it cost to get a COVID-19 test or vaccine?

There are no out of pocket payments for COVID-19 tests or vaccinations at FHC. If you have insurance, FHC will bill your insurance.

Sliding Fee and Insurance

Do you accept my insurance?

FHC accepts all Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care insurances (Passport-Molina, United Healthcare, Aetna, Anthem, Humana, WellCare), and most major carriers for Medicare and private health insurance. Call our Billing Department if you have questions at (502) 795-1772.

What can I bring for proof of income? If I don’t have that, what can I do?

View examples of accepted proof of income here:  If you are unable to bring one of these forms of income proof, ask to speak to the Front Office Manager for the FHC location you visit.

Does Family Health Centers sign patients up for insurance?

Yes, FHC can help patients and community members sign up for Medicaid insurance or insurance purchased through kynect.  Visit the Health Insurance Assistance page for more information.

If I don’t have insurance, can I been seen?

Yes. FHC see patients with and without insurance. We offer sliding-fee discounts and help with signing up for health insurance to help make your health care affordable for you.

Can be seen without a picture ID?

Yes. Family Health Centers does not require patients to show a picture ID for their visit.  Everyone is welcome at Family Health Centers; we will not ask about immigration status, and we do not require Social Security Numbers (SSN) for you to receive care.

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