Family Health Centers operates three Pharmacies.  Our pharmacies are located at:  FHC-Portland (2215 Portland Ave) and FHC-East Broadway (834 East Broadway), FHC-Phoenix (712 East Muhammad Ali Blvd)  Click here to view pharmacy hours.


  • If the prescription is filled at the FHC-Portland Pharmacy, call (502) 772-8625 to get a refill.
  • If the prescription is filled at the FHC-East Broadway Pharmacy, call (502) 290-2653 to get a refill.
  • If the prescription is filled at the FHC-Phoenix Pharmacy, call (502) 569-1673 to get a refill.
  • If the prescription is filled at an outside pharmacy, call that pharmacy and they will fax a request to your provider.
  • If you are out of refills, contact your pharmacy, who will send a refill request to the provider. You many need have an appointment with the provider in order to get a refill. A refill request takes between 3 – 5 days to process.

Outside Providers

If a patient has a prescription from a non-primary care outside provider, bring the prescription to your FHC site and ask to see a triage nurse. If your provider rewrites the prescription, you may be eligible for sliding fee scale prices, when filled through the FHC Pharmacy.

Paying for Your Medicines

The Pharmacy accepts most commercial, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid prescription drug plans.  Prescriptions must be paid for in full when you pick them up from the Pharmacy.  Don’t let the cost of your prescriptions prevent you from getting the medicines you need to be healthy.  Talk to the pharmacy staff if you have questions about the sliding-fee “discounts” or click here to learn more about programs to help pay for your medicines.

Call the FHC Pharmacy with your questions at 772-8625.  The FHC Pharmacy fax number is 775-6155.