There have been many changes to Medicaid and other services in response to COVID-19.  If you have lost your job and health insurance recently, or have been denied Medicaid coverage in the past, talk to one of our Application Assistors!

It is Open Enrollment for Medicaid in Kentucky and for purchasing health coverage on Healthcare.Gov. Open enrollment is the period of time when you can change your health insurance plan or  to enroll into coverage.  You can enroll into Medicaid anytime during the year.  Open enrollment ends December 15, 2020 for plans beginning on January 1, 2021.  Contact a Family Health Center kynector to learn more.

Family Health Centers has staff on-site to help you apply for free or low cost health insurance through kynect, Kentucky’s Benefits System, purchase insurance through or to answer your questions about obtaining or keeping your health insurance. This is a free service, available to anyone in the community.

In Person

You can set an appointment by calling a Family Health Center kynector  at the health center site of your choice – see the chart below.  

SiteFHC Application AssistorsTelephone
(main# 772-8860)
Debbie Baker*396-9710
East Broadway
(main# 583-1981)
Tamika Whitfield 612-0896
(main# 361-2381)
Tamika Whitfield 612-0896
(main# 366-4747)
Debbie Baker*396-9710
(main# 568-6972)
Zach Barlett415-8490
Portland & West Market
(main# 774-8631)
- Diedra Young
- Ashley Shoemaker
- Sha' Ford
(main# 995-5051)
Debbie Baker*396-9710

*Bi-lingual staff: English and Spanish. Other language services also available and arranged at all sites.

Other options for applying for health insurance coverage or if you have questions: On-Line

You can complete an application on your own by visiting and apply on line!


Call 1-855-459-6328 and enroll over the phone.  Help is available in over 20 languages.

If you would like a Family Health Centers Outreach & Enrollment Assiter to contact you, please complete the form below and someone will call you.

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