Family Health Centers is a Patient-Centered Medical Home, or a Medical Home.  A Medical Home is built to be more patient-friendly and accessible than a non-medical home practice.  Family Health Centers Medical Home program has the following key benefits to our patiePCMH Display Board - One Pagents:

You are a partner in your care at Family Health Centers.
You and your provider work together to make sure your wants and needs are respected. You have the support and information you need to make decisions about your health and health care.

Care When You Need Us
Family Health Centers offers “Open Access Scheduling” where you can get an appointment the day or the week you want to be seen. You also have access to your provider through our “After Hours” call service and for evening and weekend appointments. For After Hours call service, call the Family Health Centers location you usually go to and you will be connected to the call service.

High Quality and Safe
Family Health Centers works to maintain high standards of quality and safety. We have Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Quality Improvement teams that works to improve your health care.




Family Health Centers reports patient, clinical and cost quality data to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) each year as part of the Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting required for Federally Qualified Health Centers.  View our most recent report here.

Your care at Family Health Centers covers a range of health care needs. This includes:

  • Preventive care like vaccines and checkups
  • Urgent care when you are sick
  • Care for chronic conditions like diabetes
  • Care for your mental health needs
  • A range of classes to help keep you healthy like exercise and stop smoking classes

Your health care doesn’t end at Family Health Centers. We work with other providers in the community to make sure you receive any further care and specialty services you need.

All Family Health Centers Services

At Family Health Centers, our vision is to provide you and your family with the same care and attention we want for our families and ourselves.  This means offering many of the services you and your family need to stay healthy.  Family Health Centers has health care and support services for people of all ages, including:

All Family Health Center Sites provide primary care for adults and on-site laboratory services.  All of services are available to all patients, but may not be available at the center you regularly visit.  Visit “Locations” to see what services are offered at each of our health center sites.