Referrals and Other Paperwork

How do I get a referral to a specialist?

You must first see your Family Health Center provider about the health problem. Then, they can refer you to a specialist or recommend one for you.

If you have questions about the status of a referral or need it to be renewed, call your FHC site and select the “Request a Referral” option on the phone menu.

How long will it take to get papers filled out by my provider?

We ask that you allow at least three (3) working days for your provider to complete paperwork.

Test Results

Will someone call me with my x-ray or lab results?

Patients are notified of abnormal results.  Please make sure FHC has a good contact number for you. Patients can view tests results online, on My Health Record, FHC’s online patient medical record. Patients may also call triage to obtain x-ray or lab results. Results are typically available within one (1) week of the procedure.

Dental Services

How do I become a dental patient?

FHC-Portland, FHC-East Broadway and FHC-Phoenix Dental are now accepting new patients.  FHC Dental sites accept walk-in patients and scheduled appointments.  Call for an appointment:

  • FHC-Portland 772-8160
  • FHC-East Broadway 569-7335
  • FHC-Phoenix Healthcare for the Homeless 569-6972

Medical Records

How can I get a copy of my records?

Family Health Centers’ patients can view their patient electronic health records online using My Health Record, FHC’s online patient medical record.  Ask a front office receptionist about creating a My Health Record Account. Then click on the “My Health Record” button on our website,, to view your records.

If you need a copy of your medical records, you can contact our Health Information Management department at (502) 772-8311. You will be asked to complete a “Request for Records” form. You will be asked to present your photo ID when requesting and picking up your record. Family Health Centers will contact you once your records are ready to be picked up. Only the patient or legal representative (parent, legal guardian, etc) can pick up the records. Your records cannot be mailed.

How long will it take to get my records?

Requests are processed in the order they are received.  Most requests will be responded to within 30 days.

Will I be charged for my records?

The KY state law allows the patient to receive one free copy of their medical record.  If additional copies are requested, you will be charged a reasonable fee for the copies.  Payment is required before copies can be received.

Front Office - Registration

Can I mail or fax my Proof of Income, address, or insurance?

No.  The patient is required to sign the statement verifying the income, family size, and insurance information provided is accurate and complete after updating their account.  Only the patient, parent, guardian, or legal representative may sign this statement.

I am paid in cash. What documents do I need to provide to be eligible for the Sliding Fee Discount Program?

You can bring in a signed statement, on official letterhead, from your employer stating how much you make hourly, weekly, etc.

Do I have to check-in at the front desk if I am here just for a lab or an x-ray?

Yes. All patients need to check-in with the front desk, for every medical and dental visit including labs and x-rays.  In addition, if you have any changes to your insurance status or income, please check-in with the front desk to update your information as this may impact what you are billed for by Family Health Centers.

Women's Health

How do I get an appointment for a pap smear or mammogram?

Call to make an appointment with your provider for a female exam.  At that appointment, your provider can do the pelvic exam and can do the paperwork for your mammogram, if it is the right time for a screening.


What should I bring for my child’s first physical?

  • A copy of your child’s immunization records
  • Name, address, and phone number of previous pediatricians, in order to request records
  • Proof of insurance (if available)

Please note that a Parent or Guardian must be present for physicals.

My child is sick and I cannot bring her in. Can my mother bring her for this visit?

We prefer for a parent or guardian to be at the appointment so that important questions about the child and the illness can be answered at the time of the visit.  If the parent cannot make it, only an adult listed on the Proxy form can bring the child.

How can I get my child’s up-to-date Immunization Record?

The best time to request an Immunization Record is at the time of your child’s physical or when shots are being given.  If your child is not due for a physical or shots, you may request an immunization record through the Triage Nurse.  Please allow 24-48 hours to fulfill this request.


How do I get a refill for my prescription?

  • If the prescription is filled at the FHC-Portland Pharmacy, call (502) 772-8625 to
    get a refill.
  • If the prescription is filled at the FHC-East BroadwayPharmacy, call (502) 290-2653 to get a refill.
  • If the prescription is filled at an outside pharmacy, call that pharmacy and they will fax a request to your provider.

If you are out of refills, contact your pharmacy, who will send a refill request to the provider. You many need have an appointment with the provider in order to get a refill. A refill request takes between 3 – 5 days to process.

If a provider outside of FHC prescribes a medicine for me, can I still get it filled at FHC?

Bring your prescription to your FHC site and ask to see a triage nurse. If your provider co-signs the prescription, you may fill it through the Family Health Centers Pharmacy.

After Hours Care

What do I do if I am sick when FHC is closed?

If you need to contact a provider after hours, Sundays, or on holidays, call the site you usually go to. An answering service will have the provider-on-call return your call as soon as possible. Your health insurance card may include an after hours nurse line for your questions.

Language Services

How do I request an interpreter?

When you call or come to a Family Health Centers site, you should let the staff person know what language you prefer to speak and ask for an interpreter. Even if you can schedule your appointment in English, you may still ask for an interpreter anytime during for your visit. We provide interpreters at no cost to you.

Can a friend or family member interpret for me?

Family Health Centers encourages you to use an interpreter that we provide who has been trained as a medical interpreter.  This will ensure the most accurate communication between you and our staff.  Family Health Centers staff has the right to use a trained medical interpreter, even if the patient refuses, or prefers a friend or family member.

Title VI

What Is Title VI?

The Family Health Centers honors Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all other laws relating to non-discrimination. It is Family Health Centers’ policy not to discriminate in offering access to its health care and related services on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, familial status, marital status, partnership status, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran’s status.

Under Title VI, programs or activities that receive money from the Federal government may not discriminate based on a person’s race, color, or national origin, disability, sex, age, or religion. This includes health care providers like Family Health Centers, hospitals, health departments, and any health care provider who accepts Medicaid and Medicare.

Some types of discrimination prohibited by Federal law include:

  •  Providing services more limited in scope or lower in quality
  • Limiting participation in a program

We are committed to providing clear communication and respectful care to everyone. As part of Title VI, we provide qualified medical interpreters free of charge. Patients or family members who speak limited English, or who are deaf or hard of hearing, have the right to ask for an interpreter.

Your Rights

You or your representative may file a complaint with HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) if you believe you have been discriminated against by a health care and human services provider because of: race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or religion:

Phone: 1-800-368-1019 (Voice); 1-800-537-7697 (TDD)

E-Mail: Website:

You may also contact Family Health Centers’ Compliance Hotline at (502) 772-8400.