Fighting the Flu during COVID-19

This years fight against the flu will look different than in years past, but it is more important than ever to get your flu shot, and get it early. Here are three reasons to get the flu shot this year:

(1) The flu kills. While COVID-19 may be deadlier than the flu, the flu still kills tens of thousands of Americans every year.

(2) We don’t know how people who get the flu and COVIV-19 will fare. Both the flu and COVID-19 attack the lungs, having both could be much more dangerous than having one by itself. Doctors are worried about hospitals being overrun with patients sufferings from both.

(3) The flu shot can prevent you from getting flu or lessen the severity of it if you do get it. Getting the flu shot doesn’t give you the flu – a common myth. The most common side effect the flu shot is soreness around the injection site.

The Family Health Centers has the flu shot now available. If you are 9 years old or older you can get a flu shot in our East Broadway or Portland Pharmacies, no appointments needed. Otherwise call for an appointment for the flu shot at 774-8631, or ask for a shot at your next visit to FHC.

Children’s flu shots are free under the Vaccines for Child program, and most insurances cover the flu shot. For uninsured adults, the flu shot costs $25.00.