Family Health Centers’ Statement of Justice

Community Health Centers, like Family Health Centers, were born from the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Physicians who were civil rights activists were keenly aware of racial health disparities and inequities. They launched community health centers movement in the United States. The first two health centers, one to serve a housing project in Massachusetts and the other to serve a poverty-stricken rural community in Mississippi were created to bring health care to persons who were poor and had little or no access to care – often the result of racism and disregard.

Unfortunately, sixty years later the racism that made community health centers necessary is still woven into the fabric of our society as evidenced by recent tragic events in our country and in our city. The racism that took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others has deep roots in our government, politics, and societal institutions. The pain, the fear, the anger is real and justified.  The ongoing despair and tragedy of bigotry threatens to extinguish even the strongest hope for change.

We cannot let this happen; as an organization dedicated to serving those most in need, where “everyone is welcome”, we stand committed to treat everyone with the dignity and respect that is fundamental to our humanity.  Family Health Centers stands with our black colleagues, patients, and neighbors to say your life matters.  The time has come to again energize efforts to bring societal change that puts an end to injustice, inequity, and racism. Family Health Centers welcomes the opportunity to continue the long tradition of community health centers in ridding ourselves, our city, state, and nation of hatred, bias, intolerance, and injustice while seeking the promotion of diversity, equity, justice, and respect of all persons regardless of the color of their skin, gender identity, ethnicity or religion. In this time of collective pain and sadness, we commit ourselves to being part of the change we want to see.