Health Center Funding Cliff

Community Health Centers like the Family Health Centers are facing up to 70% cuts in Federal funding unless Congress acts!

On September 30, the Community Health Centers Fund will expire – this fund currently accounts for 70% of our federal HRSA funding.   Nationally, the Health and Human Services administration estimates that the Health Center Funding Cliff will lead to the closure of some 2,800 Health Center locations, elimination of more than 50,000 jobs, and most importantly, a loss of access to care for some 9 million patients.   For Family Health Centers, $4.25 million in funding, including funds to serve homeless residents, will disappear.

We need your help to tell Congress to act now to fix the cliff. 

Here is How You Can Help:

  • Call 1-866-456-3949 to reach your Congressional Representative and Senators office.   Ask your Congress Member to extend the Health Centers Fund for at least five years, with at least current funding levels in place ($3.6Billion), before September 30th.   Tell them why places like Family Health Centers are important to you.
  •  Click here to email your members of Congress to send the same message.