Community Health Center Funding Cliff Update

Community Health Centers like FHC are facing up to 70% cuts in Federal funding unless Congress acts!  Congress is currently putting together a legislative package known as the SGR Fix (aka Doc Fix or HR2) and the House recently released their version of a bill. The SGR, or Sustainable Growth Rate bill, is considered a “must-pass” piece of legislation as it would avert scheduled Medicare provider reimbursement cuts. Given this is one of the only moving health care funding bills this year, the legislation has grown to include many other provisions including a two-year fix to the Health Center Funding Cliff.

We need your help in demonstrating support from back home to ensure that the Health Center funding piece remains a part of this legislation. This legislative package is one of the only vehicles we know of this year to fix the cliff before September 30, when the Health Center Fund expires. Congress needs to act now to fix the cliff. 

Here is How You Can Help:

  • Call 1-866-456-3949 to reach your Congressional Representative and Senators office.
  • Ask your Congress Member to support Community Health Centers by voting “YES” to the Doc Fix Bill (also called HR 2)!
  • Tell them why places like Family Health Centers are important to you.
  • Visit to share information on social media.