Family Health Centers Receives Behavioral Health Integration Grant

On August 6, 2014 Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) announced Family Health Centers was awarded a $250,000 Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Behavioral Health Integration grant. The grant is funded through the Affordable Care Act.

Family Health Centers (FHC) will use this funding to expand its existing Behavioral Health Program.  Our model of behavioral health care is co-located, collaborative, and integrated within our primary care clinics.  Many patients have physical illnesses that co-occur with mental health care needs or substance use, which complicates treatment and can exacerbate physical issues.  In community health centers, nearly 70% of patients have a primary mental health or substance abuse diagnoses and 70% of the health care visits are driven by psychosocial factors. FHC’s behavioral health care services work in close partnership with our primary care providers at the time of their medical visit to treat patients holistically.

Under the Behavioral Health Integration grant, FHC will hire two Licensed Clinical Social workers to serve as Behavioral Health Consultants at FHC’s Americana and Portland health centers. FHC-Americana serves Louisville’s refugee population and FHC-Portland is the largest of our clinical locations.  In addition, FHC’s Health Care for the Homeless Project at Phoenix Health Center will add a Mental Health Coordinator and expand the hours of a Behavioral Health Care Manager. The grant also includes funds for interpreters to assist with patients who are limited in their ability to understand English and funds to purchase cab vouchers and bus tickets to assist with patient transportation needs.  Family Health Centers projects this grant will help provide behavioral health services to an additional 10,360 patients over the next two years.

Consistent with the mission of Family Health Centers, patients will receive the above services regardless of the ability to pay.